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Harry Harber aqa-faculty-logo.png high-faculty-logo.png

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International GCSE Student Stories: Harry Harber | International GCSE English Language

Harry Harber

International GCSE English Language

Looking to enhance his English teaching career, Harry enrolled on our International GCSE English Language course to gain the necessary knowledge to transfer to his students.

I obtained the International GCSE English language certificate back in November 2020 and am very happy with the grade that I achieved (Level 7). The reason for studying this course was to gain more knowledge about the English language, as I am going back to Asia to teach again (hopefully next year). Therefore, having studied this course, I feel confident about what I have learned and am ready to show it in practice. Notably, because the content I have studied is the sort of content; I would be teaching my students in the future.

I chose to study with ICS Learn, simply because at the time, I liked the idea of learning at my own pace, without having the pressure of being in a classroom.

The idea of being back in a classroom scared me as I did not do so well at school. However, as expected, I enjoyed the experience; the tutorials were very informative, and my tutor was very helpful and approachable when it came to feedback.

When doing the assignments, I liked the level of feedback my tutor gave me. It influenced me to want to try even harder, which was great!

I learned a lot about writing for different purposes and different audiences, which I think is great to know, especially when I teach again in the future. The online platform was easy to follow with videos regarding how to navigate, I found this very useful.

Regarding the learning content, I think it was very well articulated and easy to follow, which enabled me to feel confident when learning.

I am also planning to write a novel in the future and having learned about fiction and non-fiction stories has helped me understand the way I need to write.

I would most definitely recommend ICS Learn to anybody who wants to follow their dreams.

Whether that is to be a teacher, to write, or to get your dream job. ICS Learn is a great company to choose from, as it enables you to work around your studies alongside the busy lives we all have.

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