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AAT Student Stories: Nicole Hughes | AAT Level 2 Review

Nicole was looking for a change in her career so she enrolled on the AAT Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping course to kickstart the career she has always dreamed of.

My current job title is a customer service executive for a psychology company. Currently I am completing a Level 2 course in Introduction to Bookkeeping.

I chose to study my course as I wanted a change in career, currently I work in healthcare but have always dreamed to have a job within accounting. Currently my job includes using QuickBooks and looking at client invoices so I am infusing my course and my job role together currently.

I chose to study with ICS as it was very easy going and a relaxing process when looking at the process of signing up. The instructions on the course guide are very straight forward which gave me great comfort.

As I have done online learning before, and it did not go so well, I did have reservations and doubt if the course with ICS would be the same, but it has been a totally different experience in a very positive way.

My tutor support has been amazing as they are very attentive and respond back to queries in good timing.

My tutor has also broken down things to me that I may have no understood straight away, but she has taken her time to explain things thoroughly which has lead to my progression in this course. My qualification will help me in the future to progress within my career in accounting.

Looking at future careers I could progress in with this qualification has given me a more positive outlook in life.

I would most definitely recommend ICS to anyone looking to do an online and I actually have already recommended ICS to a friend who is currently signing up.

ICS is user friendly; it shows the steps and progress you have made within your course.

They give you updates within the process of your learning too.


If just like Nicole, you're looking for a career change and have always dreamed of working in accounting, then enrol on one of our AAT bookkeeping courses today.

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