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CIPD Student Stories: Lydia Jones | CIPD Level 5 & 7 Review

Lydia Jones

CIPD Level 5 & Level 7

Lydia wanted to evolve her HR career, so after recommendations from her friends she decided to study an online CIPD Level 5 qualification with us, and is currently considering a CIPD Level 7 qualification.

Prior to the pandemic, I had completed my CIPD Level 5 Certificate in Human Resources Management and enjoyed the building of knowledge in the HR world. I decided to carry on my learning by studying an Award module and settled on Employment Law. I chose ICS Learn as my provider as I have friends who have learnt via them and have highly recommended them.

Their price point was also great (a discount was running at the time too) and they have a very reasonable support period for the award, in my case 10 months. You could also start on the course immediately after enrolling which I thought was fantastic.

Online learning is my preference now because I struggle to learn in a room full of people, I prefer to be left alone to get on with it and this course allows me to do that. The course is very well written and is split into clear subject matters. I am also very grateful for the Formative Assessments which gives me a chance to practice assignments before submitting the official one.

I am also thoroughly impressed at the speed in which my assignments are marked and how detailed the feedback is from the instructors. Its hugely helpful to have such clear communication and feedback especially on such a high-level course.

My future plans will hopefully involve further delving into Employment Law, expanding on my knowledge gained during my course. I will be undertaking my Level 7 Certificate in Human Resources at some point in the next few years also and will more than likely choose ICS to be my provider then as well.

I would highly recommend ICS Learn to anyone who is thinking of enrolling with them – it is a smart, simple, helpful system with friendly tutors and user-friendly content aimed at teaching you everything you need in order to gain your qualification.

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