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Diploma for Financial Advisers (DipFA®)

Start on the path to a lucrative new career and become a qualified financial adviser, 100% online with the LIBF Digital Academy. 

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Study a 100% online DipFA qualification

LIBF Trusted Partner Designed to develop the fundamental skills, knowledge, and expertise you need to start your journey towards becoming a qualified financial adviser, the Diploma for Financial Advisers (DipFA) will help you progress your career forward by:

  • providing an in-depth understanding of the UK financial services industry
  • addressing the aims of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in line with current rules and regulations
  • offering comprehensive insight into how risk affects customers’ needs
  • providing you with an understanding of how to find and analyse important data
  • guiding you on how to formulate and communicate financial advice successfully

It will take nine months to complete DipFA but you'll have 17 months of study support. There are two units to complete:

  • Unit 1: Financial Services Regulation and Ethics (FSRE), and
  • Unit 2: Advanced Financial Advice (AFA)

You’ll be assessed for each unit by a mixture of multiple-choice online exams and coursework.

You can study the Financial Services Regulation and Ethics (FSRE) or Advanced Financial Advice (AFA) modules individually, please contact our LIBF course advisors for more details.

Keep in mind that before you can study with the Digital Academy via ICS Learn, you must pay a registration fee of £1,200 to The London Institute of Banking & Finance (LIBF) directly.

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How much does it cost?

Now: SAR4,756

Was: SAR5,946

Full price: SAR5,946

This price does not include your £1,200 registration fee.

Do we offer a payment plan?

Yes, we offer an interest-free* payment plan for your flexibility and convenience. 

SAR472 Deposit

SAR476 payments for 9 months

Average time to complete

Nine months (FSRE unit: 112 hrs, AFA unit: 290 hrs) with 17 months of study support 

Number of units

Two units

How will I be assessed?

Like your course, your DipFA assessments can be taken 100% online.

You will be assessed for each unit by a mixture of exams and coursework:

  • Unit 1 (FSRE): one two-hour exam with 90 multiple-choice questions and two case studies, each with five linked multiple-choice questions.
  • Unit 2 (AFA): one piece of online coursework after 3 months of study and one three-hour typed electronic exam, based on a case study.

How do I enrol?

Get in touch with our course advisers on:
0333 920 8694

Accelerate your learning with our digital academy  

We know it can be tedious carrying around a bunch of heavy textbooks when you’re trying to find time to study between commitments. That’s why we’re proud to announce a different approach to learning with the launch of our new and 100% online Digital Academy, powered by ICS Learn.

This innovative virtual learning platform allows learners the opportunity to study the Diploma for Financial Advisers (DipFA) 100% online. Offering a bespoke learning experience, the Digital Academy comes equipped with a variety of exceptional benefits, including: 

  • paperless learning: eliminating the need for unnecessary textbooks
  • multi-device access: enabling you learn on-the-go with access from your phone, tablet or laptop 
  • engaging and easy to absorb content: offering industry leading content in bite-sized chunks catered to you 
  • live and recorded online webinars: to help you ace your DipFA exams
  • dedicated tutor support: where you can connect with your DipFA tutor via online, if you need it

As the first financial adviser course offered as a fully digital and self-paced programme, we make it easy to shape your Diploma to your busy lifestyle while working towards a new and exciting career. 

When you register for the DipFA, you’ll also become a Member of The London Institute of Banking & Finance (MLIBF) throughout your programme. This means that on top of the benefits gained from the support of our Digital Academy, you’ll automatically gain access to a variety of other exciting benefits, including careers support and membership discounts.

Unit Overview

Take a look at a more in-depth review of the units you'll cover in the 100% online DipFA course here. You can study the Financial Services Regulation and Ethics (FSRE) or Advanced Financial Advice (AFA) modules individually, please contact our LIBF course advisors for more details.

Unit 1: Financial Services Regulation and Ethics (FSRE)

  • learn about the UK financial services industry in a global context
  • understand the legal concepts necessary to distribute sound financial advice
  • study the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to ensure ethical outcomes
  • learn about the development of financial regulation
  • discover the nature of both personal and financial risk
  • gain the comprehensive skills required to advise clients

Unit 2: Advanced Financial Advice (AFA)

  • study the UK taxation system and how it relates to individuals and trusts
  • discover the main sources of financial protection, as well as the limitations
  • understand the main features of various types of insurances, including critical illness and long-term care
  • learn about pensions law and regulations, as well as pension planning
  • master how to create and maintain successful financial plans

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