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CIPS Student Stories: Monica Perseval | CIPS Level 4 Review

Monica Perseval

CIPS Level 4

To expand her knowledge and advance her career in procurement and supply, Monica decided to take on a CIPS Level 4 qualification online with us. Read more about her story below. 

I was made redundant about 12 months before I decided to sign-up for the CIPS Level 4 Diploma with ICS Learn. I was also on maternity leave and found myself needing to do something constructive and to get my mind working and focused again in preparation for the job search.

I felt that having been out of work for over a year, studying for an industry-recognised diploma would prepare me for work again, expand my job search and opportunities, regain confidence and demonstrate to future employers my commitment to career development.

After doing a lot of research into which course would provide me with the best opportunities within the supply chain and procurement sector, I landed on the CIPS Level 4 qualification.

I had already been working in a role that involved both supply chain and procurement and felt this was the ideal course and qualification to expand my knowledge in these areas.

I also had to find a course that offered distance learning and that was not time-constrained. I felt that the CIPS Level 4 Diploma offered the right level of detail to upskill and grow my knowledge within the industry and that was of significant qualification level to be recognised within a managerial role. 

Having finally decided on the right course for me, I then researched which online learning provider could offer me the best service. This is when I chose ICS Learn due to their tutor support, student success, student forum access, and the alotted time frame to complete the course.

I called ICS Learn and spoke to a very knowledgeable student advisor who talked me through the various industry qualifications as well as my future plans and circumstances to ensure this was the right course for me. 

I think committing to anything for a year or more always gives you reservations, however, communication of the course material and access was very straightforward and I was able to start online learning a few days later.

Tutor support is readily available and I made contact with the tutor to introduce myself and talk through the course. The tutors have a lot of industry knowledge so it's worth tapping into the areas where you feel weak.

Looking to the future, I feel positive, confident, and excited. I feel that the course has really enabled me to understand the function of Supply Chain and Procurement process in much more structured detail and it has already expanded my knowledge considerably.

I feel that the course will offer me an advantage in career development and also benefits to the company in efficiency and planning.

I would certainly recommend ICS Learn as a distance learning platform. The course choice is wide and varied, the support is readily available and the whole process is simple, straightforward, and well communicated. 



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