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CIPS Student Stories: Aled Carter | CIPS Level 4 Review

Aled Carter

CIPS Level 4

Aled decided to take control of his career and enrol on a CIPS Level 4 Diploma to launch himself onto a new career path. 

I work in the hospitality industry for a group of bars, restaurants and nightclubs in Lincolnshire. I've worked for my current employer for the past 9 years and I am the group's Purchasing and Stock Control Manager. I chose to study a CIPS Level 4 Diploma in Procurement and Supply because all my previous qualifications have been Art and Design based.

After university, my career went down a different path, so having a professional qualification in Procurement and Supply on my CV will make a huge difference for future job opportunities.

I eventually want to move away from the bar sector and get more into wholesale beers, wine and spirits buying, but I require a wider knowledge of Procurement first, which the CIPS course could offer me. After doing some research, I started to realise that having a CIPS qualification would benefit my career, and it was also often said to be the gold standard qualification for procurement professionals.

When looking on job sites, CIPS was mentioned a lot in job specifications. A large proportion of jobs that I was interested in preferred that I had a CIPS qualification, or at least working towards it. There is a great deal more competition for jobs these days, so I decided that now would be the best time for me to study.

I chose to study with ICS Learn because I can do 99% of the course online and in my spare time.

The course doesn’t get in the way of my day job as there aren't any deadlines and I’m not having to go to classes, which makes it extremely convenient and ideal for full-time workers.

I'm very happy with the support I've received so far, and I thoroughly enjoy the course content. I would highly recommend ICS Learn to my friends and family, it was easy to get started and I was studying within a few days of enrolling. 


Take control of your future and enrol on a 100% online professional CIPS qualification today. 

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